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High aluminium, fixed and multi-angle

The high fixed and multi-angle aluminium enclosure is a product with an elegant design that allows you to create a space for relaxation and fitness with a solid but light structure. Transparent on the sides, habitable and resistant to high loads, this product reflects the values of "Made in Italy" and the refinement of details. Each project can be completely designed specifically for the installation area and customised in every single detail.

Among the options, it is possible to include the presence of windows and access doors in your project, as well as opting for the motorised model that allows even easier and more versatile management of this pool enclosure.

Available in various shapes and six different colours, it integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment. Every installation is a unique design based both on the needs of the user and the requirements of the installation area. The load capacity of the structure varies from case to case.

Copertura alta piscina alluminio

Technical details

People needed 1/2
Swimmable inside Yes
Transparent Yes
Savings on chemicals No
Living space Yes
Motorized Yes
Invisible / flat No
Increased water temperature No
Optional access doors, windows, motorised, choice of RAL colour

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