Sliding pool enclosures

Versatility clad in elegant minimal lines

Coperture scrorrevoli per piscine

Sliding pool enclosure

A sliding pool enclosure is an ideal solution to ensure maximum protection of the pool quickly and comfortably. Depending on the model selected, it is possible to choose between a manual or motorised system for opening and closing the enclosure, which makes the operation much more convenient, even for a single operator. The sliding model, thanks to its minimal impact on the surrounding environment (especially when constructed in Cristal) is perfect as an infinity pool enclosure in which details and high-tech materials blend into a product of "Made in Italy" excellence.

The configuration of the enclosure in the trackless version also allows swimming when the enclosure is extended, allowing private homes and hospitality facilities to use the pool throughout the year. The sliding enclosure allows you to optimise the running costs of the pool - cleaning, maintenance and chemical products for sanitising - and to protect it from atmospheric conditions.

Sliding enclosures with minimalist design

The ease of use and convenience of the sliding enclosures can be enhanced by the installation of an entrance door, and a motor system that allows opening or closing of the pool protection in just a few moments using a remote control.

Thanks to a careful selection of multi-patented materials, attention to detail and a minimalist design, the Abritaly team offers the possibility to fully customise your enclosure project. An expert from the team will guide you from the conception of your roofing project to the final implementation, guaranteeing the professionalism and competence that distinguishes our philosophy.

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