Bioclimatic pergola

Design and tilting blades

The pluses

  • Made to measure and customisable
  • Aluminium structure
  • Automated climate control
  • Remotely controlled
  • Tilting blades
  • Made-to-measure
  • Enhanced resistance

A Pergola that can be used all year around

The ideal compromise between a roller blind and a veranda, the bioclimatic blades pergola is the choice to be made by those who wish to smartly design the outdoor areas… and enjoy the sweet summer days.

Entirely customisable, the tilting blades pergola will adapt effortlessly to your patio’s characteristics, being it small or big, free-standing or attached to your house.

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Aluminium blades that let the air circulate and protect you from bad weather

Innovative and sophisticated, the roof of this pergola is composed by tilting blades made of aluminium. By modifying the inclination of these, it is possible to control the patio’s exposure to the sun, and also to protect it from bad weather. This bioclimatic aluminium pergola can be used all year round, winter and summer, no matter what the weather conditions might be.

This model is provided with 201mm aluminium blades, tilting up to 135° and perfectly watertight. They can be activated from a distance by using a remote control. These new generation blades can provide up to 50% additional light compared to classic blades.

A resistant and durable pergola

The tilting blades pergola is articulated on a firm structure made of Qualicoat and Qualimarine branded aluminium. These 2 labels guarantee the quality of the coating, its durability and its ability to endure hard conditions.

The alloy quality, the thickness of the layer of conversion and the quality of the active baths and rinsing have been carefully monitored. The rain gutter, installed in a corner of your choice, will allow the discreet draining of rainwater. The absence of a visible drainpipe will contribute to the installation’s appearance.

Many customisation options

A new living space: you will be able to customise your tilting blades pergola in order to fully enjoy your outdoor space. An infrared heating system, a LED bar, side blinds or a vaporiser. Ideal for you to enjoy privileged moments with your loved ones, no matter the season or the weather conditions.

Thanks to the automated climate control, the pergola will manage the settings by itself. All this will help you focus on what is essential: your loved ones’ well being!

The expert opinion

The aluminium blades that can be adjusted from 0° up to 135° are a real comfort asset for this pergola, allowing you to adjust temperature and ventilation always keeping you protected from hot summer days’ sun rays. During winter the blades’ orientation allows to preserve a good light in the rooms adjacent to the pergola.

Manufactoring, delivery, laying

We only work on tailor-made products, for each and every order. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the sides of the tank and then the production begins. Our enclosures are delivered and assembled at your home by our expert installers.