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What are Relax enclosures?

The models in Abritaly's Relax line enclosureand completely protect the pool, offering a welcoming space in which to spend relaxing moments in and out of the water.

The pool enclosure becomes a real extension of the house, with possible direct access from the room to the pool. Built against a wall, free-standing, in wood or aluminium: they are the perfect solution for enjoying your garden in complete peace and quiet. The Relax models provide a space to experience together with friends and family: in a single space, you will have the possibility to enjoy both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool at the same time

Advantages of Relax enclosures

Copertura piscina Alluminio
Complete protection: closing the pool regularly means protecting it from UV rays and the weather, prolonging its life and reducing maintenance work.
Reduction in maintenance costs: less heat dispersion also means less water evaporation. You will no longer have to top up the pool, saving both maintenance time and your costs.
Elegant design: Relax enclosures allow you to transform your pool into a design environment without detracting from your garden.
Safety in accordance with regulations: the use of an enclosure can be fundamental to enjoying your relaxation and limiting accidental falls into the water, especially for children and pets, which can potentially be very dangerous.
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Copertura Piscina in Alluminio

Why choose this model

These Relax enclosures are excellent for keeping the pool sheltered and providing a space where you can spend endless hours having fun or relaxing. Indoor pool in the winter, and outdoor pool for the summer!

These pool enclosure models are characterised by a very sturdy structure, particular convenience and practicality in use without requiring excessive effort, and a pleasant and unobtrusive visual impression. In addition, they allow the reduction of daily maintenance. All Abritaly enclosures comply with the law and safety regulations.

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