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Semi-automatic Coverseal

The semi-automatic Coverseal cover is a minimalist designer product that has a removable remote control with batteries that can be recharged from the electrical panel. Combining multi-patented technology with sustainability, this model of motorised pool enclosure with minimal projection (maximum 30 x 30 cm) allows you to protect your pool practically and efficiently. The patented ultra-strong, tear-resistant and walkable PVC membrane, suitable for swimming pools of all sizes, adapts perfectly to all kinds of requirements, blending in harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Among the available options, it is possible to choose to recess the tracks and personalise your model from among many colours for the casing and the sheet.

Technical details

People needed 1
Swimmable inside No
Transparent No
Savings on chemicals Yes
Living space No
Motorized Yes
Invisible / flat Yes
Increased water temperature Yes
Green Yes
Optional casing, recessed tracks, colour

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