Abritaly Pro

Covers for swimming pools and large terraces.

Over 35 years of experience in the production of large aluminium structures for water parks, swimming pools and public terraces.
A wide range of fully customised outdoor structures

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Curved structures

Much more than a curved structure, a canopy that adapts to all sizes

The main advantages: XXL dimensions (length, width, height), transparent, movable walls that can be raised and lowered as required, possibility of embellishment with movable arches.

A fixed or telescopic structure

A sheltered space: a guarantee of light and protection from the weather. The numerous openings create a living space that is open to the outside. A cost-effective and quick-to-install solution.

Modularity at the highest level

Your public open spaces need modularity to adapt to the time of day or the climate. The quick and easy use and the unique patented sliding system (with anti-lift device for added reliability) make life easier.
This enclosure transforms at any time of day to follow the changing weather and make bathing enjoyable for all, whether early risers or midnight bathers. The movable arches can be operated manually or motorised. Their technology allows for natural ventilation during the day when the sun is at its zenith.

Atypical structures

Much more than an atypical structure, an enclosure that adapts to your ideas.

Its main advantage: it leaves room for imagination, shapes, sizes, openings and materials. These canopies are designed entirely according to your needs, your wishes and your environment.

Unprecedented modularity

These covers dissolve all restrictions in terms of surface area and height and form a harmonious and majestic whole.

Curved and round structures

More than just a domed structure, rounded enclosures follow the lines of the water spaces.

The rounded structure in a crescent shape lends the cover complete elegance, giving it a beautiful appearance and great practicality. A way to optimise the opening width.
The covers can be opened as desired: partially, one module at a time or across the entire width of the enclosure.

A structure for bright, design-orientated cabinets

A protected space: these cabinets free you from all constraints of surface area and height to create a harmonious and majestic whole.
Compared to conventional covers, our cabinets offer brightness and warmth. They are much more than just a cladding: they become the signature of the building, giving it value and character.

A unique space

Rounded lines offer a harmonious aesthetic. They are available in fixed and telescopic versions. The manual opening of the profile opens up the perspective and facilitates movement between the different pools of the water park.

Angular structure

The straight lines offer a good alternative to the curved structures.

More than a corner structure, a design installation.

A linear aesthetic reminiscent of the architectural style of verandas.

A structure with unrivalled transparency

A sheltered space: this telescopic model makes it possible to keep the pool area or terrace clear throughout the day. Its patented lateral guide system optimises the opening and closing of the panels.
This type of enclosure can also be motorised.

High-quality materials

Abritaly Pro has specialised in large pool covers for professionals for over 30 years.
All Abritaly Pro constructions for publicly accessible facilities comply with the Eurocode building regulations.
These consider the location of the installation. The certificate provided is required by the relevant authorities when the installation is made accessible to the public.

The advantages of these structures

The structures enhances the pool and offers many advantages:

  • Modern design: the movable and invisible screws complement the elegant design of the curved structure. The clean finish adds a touch of style to the water surface.
  • Modularity: The curved structure is available in a fixed or telescopic version with mobile modules. Both versions are equipped with lift-off walls.
  • Warmer water: the system protects the pool and significantly reduces water evaporation and maintenance, keeping the water warmer.

Pergola Pro

Pergola for professionals: a modular design pergola.
An essential element of outdoor furniture, the XXL bioclimatic pergola allows you to equip the terraces of bars, hotels, restaurants, and outdoor spaces reserved for entertainment and leisure. Benefit from a space protected from atmospheric agents and increased accommodation capacity.


A protected space

This pergola is an innovation. The adjustable blade pergola is equipped with a cover consisting of adjustable aluminium blades. Thanks to the inclination of the blades, it is possible to control the sun exposure of the terrace and protect it from the weather.
The bioclimatic aluminium pergola can therefore be used all year round, in summer and winter, regardless of the weather conditions.
The available options: heating, LED lights, side closures, blinds, rain, and wind sensors.


Are you looking for an elegant and functional pergola to increase your accommodation capacity? The fixed-roof pergola is an excellent alternative for your establishment and will allow you to create a new space with ease, protecting your terrace from the weather and the sun's rays!
To ensure durability, safety and comfort, the fixed roof pergola has been manufactured in full compliance with current AFNOR standards.
Available options: heating, LED lights, side covers, windbreak.


A terrace equipped with an evolving and modular bioclimatic pergola with a sunroof offers comfort to your customers and optimises space, regardless of weather conditions. Large structures designed to adapt to the architectural layout of the installation site while remaining fully modular.
Optional extras available: heating, LED lights, side covers, curtains.

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The guarantee of a successful season

A well-designed pool area for campsites or residences is the guarantee of a successful season. Abritaly Pro solutions are designed to optimise space and allow everyone to make the most of every swimming area. Using high-grade materials, complying with standards, and integrating into the surrounding environment, each project is unique and designed to meet the needs of our customers.

To every project its own Abritaly Pro solution

The Abritaly Pro range offers a variety of technical solutions without compromising on shape or material to cover your pool, aquatic space, or terrace. Extend your season and optimise your accommodation capacity for better profitability.

Camping and holiday homes

Your customers appreciate modernity, comfort and love swimming pools and water parks. That is why areas can evolve, be covered, and uncovered at will, to guarantee moments of happiness throughout the day and season. Early bookings, increased customers, and your turnover.

Municipalities and authorities

The quality of life within a community is fundamental, contributes to the well-being of citizens and encourages the dynamism of associations. The facilities you propose in your municipality, such as a swimming pool or aquatic centre, can be a real resource to encourage the development of new services and activities. Creating a dynamic environment, while ensuring continuity of services with year-round opening, contributes to creating added value for your local authority. Abritaly Pro assists you throughout your project of building a pool enclosure or facility open to the public.

Bars, hotels, and restaurants

Bring your establishment's terrace to life all year round with Abritaly Pro solutions. Terrace enclosures and large-size pergolas to optimise accommodation capacity and welcome guests all year round. Your customers benefit from a comfortable outdoor space, sheltered from the weather all year round. With quality materials, home automation and modularity, your outdoor living spaces are transformed for a season without limits.


  • Cover independent of a building for infallible modularity
  • Width of the enclosure leaning against a building depending on the available space
  • Length of enclosure against a building to suit your needs and desired dimensions
  • Dome leaning against a building for rounded and simple lines


  • Fixed roof with liftable slabs to let air through at will
  • Fixed roof with sliding doors for greater modularity
  • Mobile elements with or without lift-up slabs to configure the installation according to your needs with the possibility of adding motorisation.
  • The choice of materials, shapes and colours vary according to your expectations. Aluminium is included to provide a modern look and optimum strength. A contemporary touch for your aquatic space.
  • Ventilation system possible on fixed or motorised roofs


For over 35 years Abritaly Pro has been the specialist for large pool covers for professionals.

Are you a professional? Why apply for our services?

We think and create outdoor areas of establishments open to the public: traditional campsites or fixed structures, farmhouses, holiday residences, water parks but also local authorities.
Your project deserves to be in good hands. With Abritaly Pro, the entire production chain is taken over directly, without subcontracting, for perfect coordination.
Our teams follow your project from study to site assignment, guiding you and advising you at every stage to ensure a result that meets your expectations.

100% controlled production

All our facilities are custom made.
The production is organized in different locations, each specialized in a particular type of product, to ensure the realization of your projects in their entirety.
Each of these plants has a dedicated design office and a specific production process.
Assembly and installation are carried out by qualified and trained personnel.

Compliance and regulation

All our projects for the public comply with Eurocode construction standards.
These consider the location of the project (sea, altitude, seismic zone) to define the solidity of the structure.
The strength calculation shall be cross-checked by the internal design offices before being sent to an independent control office to certify compliance with the standards in force.
The certificate provided will be required by the competent authorities at the time of opening the cover to the public.

Our guarantees

All our large pool covers come with the following guarantees:

  • Eurocodes for public markets Ten-year guarantee: this guarantee replaces traditional insurance (storms, RC)
  • Even decades after the installation, Abritaly Pro will be present for any possible renovation in case of claims or any request for transformation to follow the evolution of the needs of the aquatic areas.
  • Abritaly Pro is committed to respecting the regulations in terms of accessibility (people with reduced mobility) and safety of establishments open to the public.

Increase your business

Choosing Abritaly Pro to cover your own aquatic space or a receptive area means putting the establishment away from climate risks and enhancing its structure with a distinctive element of great quality. You will get a better frequency rate, greater profitability and promote customer loyalty!


Campsites and holiday residences

The seductive element for your establishment

Open or close your pool or terrace and optimize your capacity all year round.

The mission of Abritaly Pro teams is to create pleasant outdoor spaces to live, where your customers will take full advantage of every moment spent in your factory, regardless of weather conditions. Fully customized solutions, designed to allow you to offer entertainment in every season.

Pool covers for professionals

A well-designed aquatic area for camping or holiday residence is the guarantee of a successful season. Abritaly Pro solutions are designed to optimize spaces and to allow everyone to make the most of every bathing area. Using quality materials, respecting standards, and integrating with the environment, each project is unique and designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Pergolas for professionals

Bring your terrace to life all year round with the XXL bioclimatic pergola. Designed to cover accommodation areas, the bioclimatic pergola Abritaly Pro is an evolutionary terrace cover. Completely tailored, it is resistant to external conditions and offers greater accommodation capacity. Airtight and modular, it will allow you to make the most of the outdoor space in any season.

Pool and terrace cover for unlimited season

Abritaly Pro pool covers will give a new dimension to your facility’s water park. A swimming pool with a modular cover allows you to guarantee your customers the performance of recreational activities regardless of weather conditions. Abritaly Pro imagines and designs large structures that integrate perfectly in the installation place both architecturally and in terms of proposed activities. You can open or close your aquatic space according to your needs, fully satisfying your customers. A longer season, a higher rate of attendance, an offer of complementary services and a guarantee of optimized profitability for your plant.
For optimal comfort, Abritaly Pro also offers modular solutions for terraces and accommodation areas. The roof for the terrace or the pergola can increase your accommodation capacity, ensuring service regardless of the season or weather conditions. Designed specifically for structures open to the public, the covers for swimming pools, water areas or terraces Abritaly Pro are designed in compliance with Eurocode building regulations.


Municipalities and authorities

Modular solutions for covering facilities open to the public at municipalities and institutions.

Covers for swimming pools and large pergolas: a guarantee of strong attraction for your local authority.

Offering equipment and activities throughout the year to your citizens is a real advantage and guarantees a certain local dynamic. Covering a pool or the outdoor area of a multipurpose room will allow you to ensure the performance of the events and activities during the year.

Pool covers for professionals

A pool with a modular cover is a collective equipment that will allow you to offer a continuous service to your citizens. Abritaly Pro solutions are designed to welcome the public and allow users to take advantage of a unique place where you can play sports or relaxing activities throughout the year. Quality materials, compliance with building standards and integration in the surrounding environment, each project is unique and designed to best meet the needs of our customers.

Pergolas for professionals

The bioclimatic pergola XXL allows to equip the outdoor spaces of the structures open to the public. Custom designed and modular, it is designed to cover the accommodation areas. The large pergola resists external conditions and allows you to enjoy greater accommodation capacity. Airtight and modular, it will allow you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces in every season.

Coverage solutions that fit the life of local authorities

A municipal swimming pool with a modular cover will allow you to ensure the performance of sports and cultural activities regardless of weather conditions and is also a tourist attraction. Abritaly Pro imagines and designs large structures that integrate perfectly in the installation place both architecturally and in terms of proposed activities. Fully modular solutions designed in compliance with Eurocode building standards. Your communal pool is covered and discovered depending on the season and allows you to propose new activities throughout the year.
Covers for swimming pools, roofs for terraces or pergolas for multipurpose rooms guarantee you the performance of activities in every season.


Bars, hotels, and restaurants

Covers for terraces and bioclimatic pergolas to optimize your outdoor spaces.

Roofs for terraces and large pergolas to optimize accommodation areas.

An evolutionary solution for an endless season, the Abritaly Pro bioclimatic terraced roofs and pergolas are completely made to measure, without compromising on shapes or materials. You will have a greater capacity of accommodation completely modular, and you will transform a simple terrace into a place to live and to welcome the public.

Alternative solutions to extend the season.

With the pergolas of Abritaly Pro, you can give another dimension to your establishment. A terrace equipped with a modular bioclimatic pergola offers customers maximum comfort and optimizes space, regardless of weather conditions.
Large structures designed to adapt to the place of installation at an architectural level while remaining completely modular. Choose the orientation of the blades depending on the weather to shelter you from the sun or air and you will get maximum customer satisfaction.
A season that lasts longer, a better frequency rate and the guarantee of optimized profitability for your plant.

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