Retractable roof pergola

Evolutive pergola with adaptable roof

The pluses

  • Retractable and customisable roof
  • Aluminium structure
  • Adaptable to all spaces
  • Retractable roof
  • Customisation
  • Enhanced resistance
  • Motorised roof

A Pergola to be lived in winter as well as in summer

During the past few years, pergolas have become the choice for all those who wish to design their outdoor space and make the most of it in every season.

The retractable roof can be the answer even to the expectations of the most demanding. Provided with a central adaptable roof made by telescopic panels, it will give you the opportunity of enjoying your patio no matter the weather conditions of the day, in winter as well as in summer.

The roof can be effortlessly opened by hand with a simple pressure on the mobile structure. In the automated version, it is actioned by a remote control.

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Countless possibilities of customisation

A solid structure made of aluminium that can be customised according to your needs, transparent, tinted or opaque retracting roof, sliding side doors made of 10mm sécurit glass, led lighting, sun breaker…

The bioclimatic pergola with openable roof is designed to be adapted to any type of patio and will be conveniently incorporated in your outdoor space. According to the configuration of your house, it will be installed supported by the house wall or free-standing supported by poles. If needed, it will be possible to install it between two facing walls.

For big surface installations, an extra support pole will be added every 5 metres. Aiming to offer you different customisation options, the bioclimatic pergola with retracting roof is available in more colours. This range of colours is ideal if you want to harmonise the structure to your home. Retracting transparent roof, translucent, obscured or Dibind, installation of LED lighting or sunbreakers: we offer many options.

An excellent durability

As each one of our products, this retractable pergola covers are designed to last. Their strong structure made of coated aluminium labelled Qualicoat and Qualimarine is guaranteed 10 years.

These two labels specifically guarantee the quality of the coating, its lasting over the time and its ability to resist to the most extreme conditions. The polycarbonate panels of the roof have anti-UV and anti-yellowing treatments, this will preserve the structure’s charm for many years and limit its maintenance.

The peripheral gutters will evacuate the rainwater through the poles. This smart solution not only guarantees durability for the pergola but it also is an undeniable design feature. The absence of the gutter will keep the pergola visually clean.