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High timber wall-mounted, fixed or sliding

The high timber wall-mounted enclosure is an ideal solution for swimming pools that are very close to a building: in fact, thanks to the possibility of fully customising the project without any limits to the imagination, this configuration is perfect for those who wish to have direct access to the pool from their home. The choice of timber as a material gives strength to the structure without being visually intrusive. 

The wall-mounted enclosure is directly connected to the building and can take on its style thanks to the optional installation of a folding door, front access doors and windows. For an even more practical enclosure, you can choose the motorised model that allows you to operate it with a remote control.

In addition to design, Abritaly takes care of user safety, using Class 4 timber and fire-resistance class M2 cladding.

Copertura alta piscina alluminio


Technical details

People needed 1/2
Swimmable inside Yes
Transparent Yes
Savings on chemicals No
Living space Yes
Motorized Yes
Invisible / flat No
Increased water temperature No
Optional folding door, access doors, windows, motorised, ventilation grille, choice of colours

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