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High timber, fixed or sliding

The high timber enclosure is a product which will create an additional space for your home in an elegant and sophisticated style. Thanks to the possibility of customising every single detail of the project, this configuration is a combination of nature and technology. 

Taking advantage of the elegant lines and strength of wood, the high timber enclosure allows you to protect the pool from the weather during the winter and to use it according to your needs. Usually large in size and comfortably habitable, the high timber enclosures maintain the characteristic "Made in Italy" style that combines functionality and aesthetics. The enclosure, available both fixed and sliding, makes it possible to significantly reduce the daily maintenance of the pool, and also to ensure full compliance with safety regulations. 

Among the available options, it is possible to request the installation of a folding door or front access door, as well as the addition of windows. For those who want a model that is even easier to operate, a motorised version is available.

In addition to design, Abritaly takes care of user safety, using Class 4 timber and fire-resistance class M2 cladding.

Copertura alta piscina alluminio


Technical details

People needed 1/2
Swimmable inside Yes
Transparent Yes
Savings on chemicals No
Living space Yes
Motorized Yes
Invisible / flat No
Increased water temperature No
Optional access doors, folding door, windows, motorised, ventilation grille, choice of colours

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