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Telescopic extra pool enclosure

Designed for large swimming pools 

  • • Reinforced aluminium structure
  • • Super handy
  • • Less evaporation 4 seasons
  • • Warmer water

This pool enclosure combines all the technology, the expertise and the high quality materials to adapt to non-standard sized pools.It is equipped with reinforced aluminium profiles designed for RELAX enclosures, it is painted with a Qualicoat and Qualimarine brand product, able to resist in the wet and rich in chlorine pool environment. Designed in compliance with the norms to guarantee maximum safety, it comes with a blocking system that cannot be unblocked by the children, making your garden safer.

Preserve the water quality
By covering your pool with this large size enclosure, you will protect it from external impurities and bad weather, allowing you to dive in cleaner and warmer water. Thanks to its innovative system and to its EPDM seal, your pool will not get dirty due to the unpleasant fall of insects, dead leaves, dust and soil. The cleaning of your pool will be significantly reduced, preserving the water filtration system over the time. The winter cover will not be necessary anymore.

Take advantage from an enhanced comfort in its use
The telescopic EXTRA pool enclosure can be easily moved by just one person. Though, it is possible to install a solar motorisation, that will guarantee an enhanced comfort in its use.

Limit evaporation
Since its sliding structure guarantees perfect waterproofness to the pool, our telescopic enclosure will significantly limit the water evaporation phenomenon; this will produce a significant drop in the use chemical products and a natural increase in water temperature by up to 10°C, thanks to the greenhouse effect caused by the alveolar panels. Installing a telescopic EXTRA pool enclosure is equivalent to saving… and making a small gesture for the environment.


Technical details

People needed 1
Swimmable inside Yes
Transparent Yes
Savings on chemicals Yes
Living space No
Motorized Yes
Invisible / flat No
Increased water temperature Yes
Green Yes
Optional door, trasparent on the side and part of the roof

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