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Low removable Plus twin-wall or Cristal

The Plus removable low cover is the most weatherproof model: made of twin-wall polycarbonate or Cristal, with its particular resistance to snow and wind load it is suitable for mountain environments. This configuration is one of the most successful on the market: in addition to allowing the pool to be used when it is extended, it can also be easily lifted laterally by a single person.

Among the options are the possibilities to request an access door, completely transparent construction that allows you to see the water in the pool, and the installation of hydraulic jacks.

Copertura bassa amovibile alveolare


Technical details

People needed 1/2
Swimmable inside Yes
Transparent Yes
Savings on chemicals Yes
Living space No
Motorized No
Invisible / flat No
Increased water temperature Yes
Optional access door, transparent, hydraulic jacks, ventilation system

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