Poolzip swimming pool cover


Poolzip swimming pool cover
Poolzip swimming pool cover

The time has come to say goodbye to the pool sheet.

Poolzip is an unique and customizable product that adapts to any pool shape. It is a high-quality, durable and functional alternative to the pool sheet, perfect for anyone who wants to protect their pool without sacrificing comfort. This cover combines technology, aesthetics, and environmental awareness with maximum functionality: it is light and discreet, can be opened and closed in 60-120 seconds and is now also available in a manual version.

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With Poolzip, you can enjoy your swimming pool whenever you want: You will never again have to rely on a third party to use your pool, neither reserve an extra area of your home to store the cover nor intervene after heavy storms.

Solid structure with a minimal design

Poolzip's structure is made of stainless steel, while the walkable cover is made of extremely thin and durable micro-perforated PVC with an easy-to-clean smooth surface and a small footprint. The thermoformed side cover doesn’t lose its color, doesn’t warp, doesn’t rust, doesn’t heat up and hasn’t any edges. The track, suitable for every floor, is non-stripping and the smallest in its class. Moreover, it requires no maintenance because it doesn’t oxidize.

Why should you choose
a poolzip cover?


The cover is discreet
and very thin.


Easy to handle
and folds up in seconds.


Children and animals are safe,
water is warmer and cleaner.


Lower product
and labour costs.

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