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Removable flat

This removable flat enclosure is a model which can adapt to the needs of any pool. The clean, minimalist design combines high technology and multi-patented materials with safety and protection for the pool: the result is a product that preserves the temperature of the water inside the pool and reduces maintenance costs without compromising on aesthetics. Thanks to the ability to stack or raise the pool enclosure, which is also equipped with a ventilation system, the process of opening and closing is quick and easy, even by a single person, allowing the pool to be protected at night. They are the lightest modules on the market and can therefore be lifted by one strong person.

Possibility to buy hydraulic jacks.


Technical details

People needed 1/2
Swimmable inside No
Transparent No
Savings on chemicals Yes
Living space No
Motorized No
Invisible / flat Yes
Increased water temperature Yes
Optional hydraulic jacks

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